The NeriumRX™ products include: NAE-14™ (Enhanced proprietary Nerium extract), Peptide Matrix Complex, Aloe vera, Niacinamide, Chia Seed Oil, Matricaria flower Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, and Zinc Oxide to help protect young to aging skin from harmful sun rays and environmental stressors.

Consumer should always purchase NeriumRX™ products through Authorized Healthcare Professionals to gurantee products authenticity, product quality and to ensure you benefit from the real science that goes into the Nerium skin care products.

Daily Face  $155

Nightly Face $137

Body Contour $130

Nerium SkinCare has launched their NEW a ALL-NeriumRX™ Professional Line of products that enhances anti-aging while promoting skin repair. Nerium SkinCare's Scientific Advisors have provided formulation input, and development guidance regarding ingredients and products for many years now. This reasearch is vital for the clients and patients of Authorized Healthcare Professionals.

Nerium SkinCare is establishing a worldwide network of Authorized Healthcare Professionals who will provide their patients and consumers with the NeriumRX™ Product-Line. Nerium SkinCare's NeriumRX™ Nightly and Daily are the first products specifically designed for distribution by Healthcare Professionals as a skin repair product-line.

NeriumRX™ products are available through Authorized Healthcare professionals

NeriumRX™ Therapy Line will be launched soon

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