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Robert A. Newman, Ph.D.,
Scientific Advisor

The Nerium Story




Nerium SkinCare’s products are founded on the technology, core science, and continuing research of Nerium Biotechnology, Inc (NBI). Nerium SkinCare utilizes NBI's new patent-pending extraction technology for its skincare products. This natural extraction technology combines the unique beneficial properties of the Nerium oleander and the known beneficial properties of Aloe Vera, which has allowed Nerium SkinCare to formulate and develop the “first of its kind” skincare products for topical applications.

Nerium Biotechnology, Inc., (NBI) is an international research and development company dedicated to offering solutions that are based on proven science. NBI's research and product development has focused on the topical/dermal applications/properties of natural botanical compounds for beneficial use by the consumer. The development of natural botanical products has been founded on this continuing research at leading medical institutions using the latest scientific methods and technology. The NBI corporate business and research office is located in San Antonio, Texas.

Research at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center on natural botanical compounds has led to the rediscovery, identification, and development of well-defined Nerium Extracts from the Nerium oleander plant. Utilizing proprietary Nerium extraction technologies has provided NBI the opportunity to develop a pipeline of Nerium oleander-based products.


To learn more about NBI research…Visit the NBI Website at …. www.neriumbiotech.com