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Please Note:

Research is closed to new participants.

No new participates are being accepted at this time for current product evaluation. Research Group Size has been reached and registration is closed.

Only those participants currently registered may continue to access products online.

The NeriumDerm Study evaluation is in process.

The NeriumCS Study is completed and is moving to next appropriate step in clinical research.

Invitation to Participate in Continuing Skin Product Research

Nerium SkinCare extends to our Nerium Shareholders the opportunity to participate in on-going specialized product clinical research in concert with Science, Toxicology and Technology (ST&T) and the opportunity to experience our new skin care products first-hand. In so doing, you will help Nerium SkinCare gain market experience with its new skin care products. Your participation is important to Nerium Skincare and will be much appreciated.

Nerium Skincare's parent company Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. (NBI) has focused its research and development on anti-cancer, anti-viral, immune-stimulating, and skin properties/applications of its botanical compounds. This core research has been performed in concert with leading medical research institutions in the United States. The next strategic move is to harness what we have learned over the past 10 years from the research of the Nerium oleander plant extracts and apply it to the cosmetic skin care market—a market expected to grow significantly.

Who Can Participate (group size is limited)

Participation is open to Nerium shareholders and family.

This group of individuals, by committing to provided product use feedback, will have an opportunity to sample all new Nerium Skincare products prior to market launch. In addition only this group after initial pre-market sampling and response will be able to continue to acquire these products through this website at discounts substantially below market pricing.



How to Participate

Participation requires the Nerium Shareholder to contact Nerium SkinCare via email at info@neriumskincare.com and request to become a register member of this group listing individual/family members wishing to participate. Nerium Skincare will provide via email the associated product access and promotional codes to the participants.

Although, anyone with internet access will be able to visit the Nerium SkinCare Website, only the individuals/shareholders identified in this on-going clinical research group will be able to acquire initial product samples and be able to continue to acquire these products through this website at discounted pricing for their personal use. Samples and product can be accessed above at the Online Product Access button.

Each participant must agree to complete and furnish response "Questionnaires" to Nerium SkinCare. Questionnaires include a before and after product use (see above), and is required to participate. Those participants' willing to provide additional commentary may do so at the Share Your Story button.

Your participation is important to Nerium Skincare, its future, and will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Note: Only Registered Nerium Shareholders/family members will be provided, the website product access code and promotional discount coupon code, via email.