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NeriumAD® Age–Defying Night Cream.
Clinical Evaluation

Principal Investigators: ST&T Research and its physicians / health care practitioners.

ST&T Research is comprised of a group of prominent scientist, including M.D. and Ph.D. pharmacologists/toxicologist and research product development oriented physicians, scientist, and regulatory compliance specialists which include a legal team specializing in USA FDA/FTC/Customs regulations. ST&T Research provides product development, product compliance, regulatory compliance, clinical testing, and information and data for safety and efficacy.

Sponsor: Nerium SkinCare, Inc.

Study: Evaluation of a Topical Age-Defying Night Cream

Age-defying skin creams are abundant in today's cosmetic marketplace. New ingredients that may provide additional efficacy are sought to improve existing products. The NeriumAD® formulation is specifically designed for this market and provides two (2) such ingredients, NAE-8 ® and a proprietary peptide matrix. .

Utilizing technology from the semi-conductor industry now transferred to the skin care industry. Test subject outcomes included subjective and objective evaluation of changes in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, and uneven skin texture, using an advanced R&D model fluorescence spectroscopy skin analyzer.

Primary outcome: Evaluation of changes in the appearance of aged and sun-exposed skin of the face.

Secondry outcome: Safety assessment



NeriumAD® Night Cream Test Report

Clinical Trial
Clinical Trial

Real Results
Real Results