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Nerium SkinCare, Inc. ® strives to provide cosmetic skincare solutions for the general consumer and OTC products to assist physicians with their treatment recommendations. Harnessing the core science and research developed on the Nerium oleander plant over the past decade, Nerium SkinCare continues to research the use and benefits of the patented NAE-8 ® (Nerium Aloe Ingredient) for skin care applications. This provides Nerium Skincare with the opportunity to develop an ever expanding series of specially formulated NAE-8 ® based topical skin care products.

Nerium SkinCare believes in the value of real relationships. We continuously work to improve the communication between the research staff, consumers and the physician network to deliver quality and effective products.

Nerium SkinCare cosmetic researchers are dedicated to offering new skin care solutions that are based on scientific research and actual customer success. We strongly believe in sustainable, honest practices, and maximum disclosure of information. Thus, Nerium SkinCare is constantly seeking new ways to educate our customers about our ingredients and products, and how to properly use them.

Nerium SkinCare provides for product development, formulation, clinical testing for safety/efficacy, quality manufacturing, and regulatory compliance. An exclusive licensing agreement between Nerium SkinCare, Inc. and Nerium International, LLC provides for marketing/distribution of its "first of its class" topical natural skin care cosmetic products to the consumer.