As a commitment to quality, Nerium SkinCare does not compromise on what goes into our products. The quality of Nerium Skincare's products is a direct result of the investment into the people, scientific research, new technology development, natural farming methods, biomass processing, cGMP production facilities, and product safety testing.

The Nerium Farms™ is the largest Nerium oleander operation of its kind in the world. Using environmentally responsible and sustainable techniques, these naturally grown Nerium oleander plants, provide the raw material that make Nerium SkinCare’s products revolutionary. Abiding by strict protocols, the Nerium oleander farm provides a dedicated and renewable biomass resource that is reserved exclusively for Nerium SkinCare.

Considering that there were no historical accounts of Nerium oleander farming, it was imperative for Nerium SkinCare to develop our own farming operations in order to broaden and commercialize access to the plant. Initially, transitioning of the plant from the nursery environment into a commercial environment involved the establishment of a research entity that allowed scientists to understand the growth patterns properly. Over time, as the physiology of Nerium oleander became more evident, planting and irrigation techniques, along with harvesting and planting equipment, had to be newly developed. Nerium SkinCare is proud to say that we built our current farming operations from the ground up.

After a decade of experience in Nerium oleander commercial farming, Nerium SkinCare continues to focus on new technology and research that will allow us to enhance our farming operations. We are very proud of our all natural approach and adherence to strict biomedical field protocols. We continually seek ways to increase land utilization and field plant capacity through the development of improved planting and irrigations techniques. Plans for field expansion are also in place.

Nerium SkinCare is proud of our core competency to control the entire process from the seedling into the final finished product.


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