Nerium SkinCare, Inc. enlisted the services of the prominent firm, ST&T Research, to perform clinical trials on NeriumAD® Age-defying treatment. Using the most advanced facial scanning equipment available, including fluorescent spectroscopy technology and artificial intelligence, ST&T set out to accurately measure the effects of the product on the skin’s surface.

ST&T Research conducted four clinical human studies for the safe use of a topical application of a base cream which included our patented NAE-8® ingredient. The topical application was first evaluated as a spot treatment. With each new clinical study, larger areas of skin were evaluated for absorption. These studies included participants who exhibited various skin conditions. As a result, a variety of compromised, damaged, or broken skin conditions were presented within the studies (conditions such as age spots, actinic keratosis, acne vulgaris, sunburn, and fever blisters or cold sores). In two of these clinical studies a direct comparison to well-known products currently in the market were evaluated alongside the test product.

Everything about this study from the planning, to the design, to the execution, was very well run.
                                                                                                                  – Dr. Larry Fan, Harvard Educated Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Each study's primary end-point was to evaluate the test articles for safety by: a) determining if any of the product’s metabolites were being absorbed through the skin, b) and to what extent, c) if there were any noticeable changes in vital signs, and d) if there were changes in blood chemistry or organ system functions. In addition, subjects were observed for any skin sensitivity or adverse events related to the test product.

The result of the study showed that all subjects had no deviation from their normal ranges. In addition, there were no detectable metabolites absorbed into the body system, nor were any adverse reactions noted. With regard to efficacy, ST&T was surprised to find that a statistically significant number of subjects reported positive results to their skin health, considering the fact that the test articles contained no "additives or cleansing compounds" that are commonly found in other products.

Primary outcome: Evaluation of changes in the appearance of aged and sun-exposed skin of the face.

Secondary outcome: Safety assessment

Investigators: Science, Toxicology & Technology and its physicians / health care practitioners.

Sponsor: Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. (NBI) / Nerium SkinCare, Inc.

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