Joel Curtis at Nerium Farms(tm)
Farm to Consumer

The Nerium Farms™ is the largest Nerium oleander operation of its kind in the world. With over 100,000 Nerium oleander plants, we employ natural and organic farming practices and our orchard helps to minimize our carbon footprint by eliminating greenhouse gases throughout the year.

Our science begins at the farm where we use the latest horticulture techniques for watering, farming, and harvesting. For example, by also incorporating the use of the latest analytical instruments, we are better able to determine the optimal time for harvesting. Similar analytic processes are employed in other aspects of farming. From beginning to end, from farm to manufacturer to consumers, Nerium SkinCare is dedicated to providing real science and real results.

“We’re primarily after the leaves. And that's the reason why we do not want any irrigation water; we do not want any type of chemicals; nothing on the leaves. So it is a very specialized approach, it's extremely laborious, and it's very very expensive. No one has attempted to put in an orchard like this and they still haven’t. It's not that easy to get involved in this industry. It's very complex; there’s a lot of science that goes into it. Science not only starting at the field itself but all the way through the processing as well as to the end use. So it's an extremely complex dynamic approach. There’s no question in my mind that this field is much more than a field of dreams. It truly is a field of life”– Joel Curtis, Chief Agricultural Officer of Nerium Farms™

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