The following reports represent results of testing of Nerium Skincare products and their major components by an independent laboratory. Samples were sent to Mat-Tek, Inc. in a blinded fashion without the test facility knowing the identity of the samples supplied to them. The following is a summary of the test results. The test company uses a unique 3D model of human skin which is grown in tissue culture. Using the Mat-Tek system samples can be applied topically to human skin samples and changes monitored using both biochemical tests and histopathologic analyses using microscope examination of the tissue samples.

Nerium SkinCare does not use animal testing for any of its efficacy or safety tests.

Component (Sample B) on Oxidant and Skin Aging Endpoints in the EpiDerm FT in vitro Skin Model

Study Number: 015-14b

Sample B:

Biova powder (egg shell membrane)

This study evaluated the safety of Sample B by assessing tissue viability in a human skin model at three varying concentrations.  In addition, the study also evaluated the effects of Sample B on the biomarkers of oxidation and skin-aging in a human skin using that model. The results indicate that tissue integrity was intact and viability was not affected when the skin model was treated with Sample B.  This was also true when the tissue was histologically evaluated for toxicity at the dose indicated for efficacy.  Furthermore, the study showed that like PB8 Sample B also significantly increased gene expression for Metallothionein 2A.  Metallothionein proteins are considered to have antioxidant activity with the capacity to bind a wide array of heavy metals.  In addition, experimental studies have suggested that Metallothionein proteins may provide protection against toxicity from xenobiotic metals such as mercury, arsenic, etc.  The study showed that Sample B increased the expression of the genes encoding Metallothonein2A by at least two fold.  Sample B is dry Biova powder (egg shell membrane extract).

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