Nerium SkinCare, Inc. is dedicated to offering solutions that are based on scientific research and actual customer success. Our natural products offered to the consumer are founded on the continuing research at leading medical institutions using the latest scientific methods and technology. Utilizing biotechnology research and new breakthrough extraction technology, Nerium SkinCare has formulated and is developing a complete line of products that harnesses Nerium oleander's unique and effective properties.

Utilization of the Patented Nerium Oleander Extract ingredient and additional proprietary ingredients provides the opportunity for Nerium SkinCare to formulate and develop a complete line of unique "first in class" skin care cosmetic and US FDA OTC topical drug products. Additional products are constantly under development.

How To Verify Your Product

Counterfeits can be dangerous! With our products and their anti-counterfeit technology you don’t have to take a chance.   Read more information about counterfeits and how they can be harmful to you and your loved ones.

Our Product Lines

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